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Eco Dog Station

Our Eco Dog Stations are placed in strategic locations and are managed by the council or the property manager. The availability of free bags reminds the dog owners to pick up after their dogs and contributes to making it a 60% cleaner local environment. The stations are used by our affiliated councils, housing associations, campsites, hotels, and green spaces that want to clean up in their neighbourhood. The Eco Dog Station concept has satisfied many customers, businesses, councils, and communities.

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Eco Litter Station

According to a survey of our customers, on average it has become 60% cleaner around our Eco Litter Stations. It’s just simple psychology – where it’s clean, keep it clean. If you make it easier for people to keep clean, it will create a ripple effect and a positive change in attitude. Also, the bags are biodegradable, if a bag is dropped.

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Biodegradable Bags

The certified 100% compostable dog and litter bags have been a sought-after and popular product for many years. The bags are made from the green stalk of corn that is normally wasted and produced into a resin. This is combined with a resin from thistles to extrude our bags. The bags are manufactured in Europe to a high standard and are 20% stronger than the average compostable bag and are made from GMO-free crops. Our eco station concept that dispenses free dog bags has many satisfied customers, businesses, councils, and communities.

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There's a need for litter & dog waste dispensers: People are taking action...

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Dispensing over 1 million bags annually!

Our solution makes an impact on the awareness of an individual's responsibility within the community.  Eco Stations also educate passers-by and remind them that litter and dog fouling is not acceptable. It's a positive solution and prompt for everyone to do the right thing.

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Through our extensive social media feedback and engagement, we also know that people use our Eco Dog Station for litter collecting, which is a win-win.  And we think that's great! 

In response to this, we have developed our concept so that both our environmental stations and garbage bags are now available to everyone!

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