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We are so delighted that it has been such an enormous success.

David Groves


The Doggy Bakery

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interactive // measurable // absorbable

Our dispensing stations are located where passers-by have time to read, interact with and absorb your advertisement. Free compostable bags are dispensed to the public, helping to align your brand with a socially responsible action and connect to the community.

Hit 100% of your target market, whilst protecting the planet.

Compostable bags provided
Tonnes of carbon offset
Trees planted
Eco Green Communities south-bottom-design-p9rlp2if17kmzstcemjlbbamy2ldzv319jpzlnv3vc Outdoor Advertising

Innovative, exclusive advertising that helps keep green spaces clean.

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Advertising with us... What is included?

Breakdown of station locations on google maps

Fabrication and warranty on station – if it breaks, we replace it!

Our digital marketing team promotes launch.

QR codes on every station to measure activity.

All 100% compostable bags are replenished free of charge.

A tree is planted for every station installed.

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Outdoor advertising that is unique, innovative, exclusive and readable!


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