Our Eco Dog stations are placed in strategic outdoor spaces. The station is managed by the municipality. Our stations are robust and tried and tested for 20 years. They secure easily to existing posts/lamp posts at eye level.  The stations offer free 100% compostable dog waste bags encouraging dog owners to pick up after their dogs. 

The 100% certified compostable dog bags have been a sought-after popular product for many years. They have a direct impact on reducing single-use plastic. Should the bags not be disposed of correctly, they will decompose in 190 days leaving no residue. 


Tree planted for every station installed

Decals are treated with  UV-resistant laminate which makes them extra durable

Advertisements are featured directly on the boards 


Crowdfunding an Eco Dog Station

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. Traditionally, financing a business, project or venture involved asking a few people for large sums of money.

Our solution makes an impact on the awareness of individual responsibility within the community. It educates that dog fouling is not acceptable and offers a positive solution for everyone to do the right thing.

Our stations are all geo-tagged. This means that a map is available with all our station locations, mapped out as pins.

The collaboration with councils and local authorities is vital in the erection and maintenance of our stations. The councils maintain the stock levels of our free 100% compostable bags and alert us if any damage is caused to the station. In this instance, the station will be replaced free of charge. 

Eco Green Communities family-park-walk-1024x683 Eco Dog Stations

Together we make Communities cleaner
At the same time as you strengthen your brand!

Eco Green Communities petplan Eco Dog Stations

In partnership with Councils and Local Authorities, we sell exclusive advertising spaces at environmental stations located in strategically selected locations in green spaces and parks. (Between 10-100 environmental stations depending on the size of the authority.)

Each year, we distribute approx. 100,000 100% compostable bags per Council.  This relates to 100,000 views on your ad per year and it also means that 100,000 people are collecting litter.

And we plant trees!