General FAQ's

The sponsorship covers the cost of the dog waste bags. However, we sell the compostable bags through our sister company Eco Green Living  They can be purchased wholesale or singularly. 

Our bags are made of starch (corn/potato), vegetable oil (rapeseed/sunflower oil) and compostable polyester from thistles, which is biodegradable.

The dog bags meet the requirements of EN 13432, are biodegradable and compostable without causing damage to the final product which may be bio-fertiliser or compost (no microplastics).

Our bags are compostable, which means that with time (3-18 months) they disappear completely in nature without leaving harmful residues. Thus, it is not said that they should be thrown into nature. Our bags are to be considered as litter be thrown into a bin so animals will not become unwell if they gain access to one. 

The stations come in either black or green. 

Yes! We wanted to give back to the planet and offset carbon emissions. The tree can either be planted abroad through our partnership with Treesisters. Otherwise, you can have a tree planted in your local area. 

In partnership with councils and local authorities, we sell exclusive advertising spaces at environmental stations located in unique locations in green spaces and parks not available to any other outdoor advertisers.

Absolutely! If you want more stations in your area, you can leave a citizen’s proposal in most areas. 

We will replace the damaged station free of charge!

Vinyl FAQ's

The vinyl is 100 micron thickness.

Yes, the permanent adhesive is suitable for outdoor use.

We use Epson UltraChrome eco-solvent ink. It is UV stable and has an expected lifespan of minimum 24 months.

Yes, it is laminated with VistaMAX Monomeric Matt Lamination Film (60 micron thickness)