Eco Green Communities- Environmental policy

Eco Green Communities acknowledges its responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment in line with our company’s ethos.

Eco Green Communities aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and reduce single-use plastic. We are a purpose before profit organisation working towards B-corporation status, helping communities whilst promoting ethical businesses. 

We want to bring about the kind of involvement which will enable us to create a cleaner environment in a sustainable society. Everyone in the community can be involved and everyone can contribute. 

The products and services supplied by our company naturally have a  positive impact on the environment. We also consider positive actions within our team of employees and how we work. 

As a team, we have a working from home structure put in place. This is efficient for us a team, however, also contributes positively to the environment with the carbon emissions created during commutes to work eliminated. 

As a company, Eco Green Communities plants a tree for every station which is erected. This helps to build a future for our public spaces, sequestering carbon for years to come. 

The waste bags dispensed from our stations are 100% certified compostable bags. This replaces the use of single-use plastic by the public. Compostable bags completely degrade over 6 months leaving no residue, compared to a single-use plastic dog waste bags which will be on the planet for hundreds of years to come.